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Love club earrings - Gold (2 colours available)

Love club earrings - Gold (2 colours available)

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295 sterling silver 

To keep from tarnishing, wear your jewellery sparingly, only when needed to stop silver from tarnishing.  Polish and clean them more regularly in order to maintain their perfect shine. 


How to clean your sterling silver/gold plated jewellery

Step 1. Mix some dish soap into lukewarm water.

Step 2. Soak the jewellery in the water for 5 minutes.

Step 3. Use a soft cloth or your fingers to gently polish the surface.

Step 4. Rinse the jewellery in water and dry with a clean soft cloth. Don't use paper, as it can scratch the jewellery.


How to clean oxidised jewellery?

Is your jewellery showing light signs of oxidation? 

Step 1. Use a silver polishing cloth

Step 2. Gently rub on the area until it is gone. 


Is your jewellery showing heavy signs of oxidation? 

 Step 1. Dip a polishing cloth into a silver cleaning solution. Do NOT dip the jewellery into the silver clean solution, as it can damage elements like pearls, rubber, stones etc.

Step 2. Rub it on the affected areas. 

Step 3. After cleaning, rinse the jewellery in water to remove any leftover chemicals.

Very limited stock - Colours available:

- White

- Dark pink


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