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Damage Waiver

Damage Waiver

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Most of our renters take extra care when renting our garments, however we do understand that accidents happen every now and then. The Damage Waiver is a small protection fee available to all renters to cover minor damages and marks to take some of the stress out of renting from us.

*Despite this, please still be considerate with our rentals and treat them as you would your own clothing! Other girls are still wanting to wear this dress after you, and t&c's still apply for garments damaged beyond repair/unremovable marks. This is simply for protection of minor marks and damages

What's included in the Damage Waiver:
  • Small and minor damage to the garment. Includes: broken zip, small seam repairs, loose threads, straps. (not multiple pulls)

  • Small marks to the garment that will come out with required cleaning (not multiple stains/unremovable marks) 
What's not included in the Damage Waiver: 

  • Loss of the item
  • Rips, tears, holes, cigarette burns (any damage that is beyond repair)
  • Large staining to the dress or unremovable marks
  • Misplacing or losing a part of the garment (e.g a strap or extra piece on the dress) 
  • Sending back the garment incorrectly (such as sending a dress back via a post drop box/street drop box)
  • Late returns (The damage waiver will NOT cover late returns, these will still be invoiced to you)
The rented garment must come back to us even if it is accidentally damaged. The damage waiver is non-refundable, it is simply a back-up to save you from paying for the minor damages. This damage waiver covers basic repairs and marks that will come out with general cleaning/dry cleaning, it does not cover damages that are unrepairable or marks/stains that are unremovable.

Please note 1x damage waiver protection is for 1x item in the cart only. If you would like more items covered in your order total, you will need to add extra damage waiver cover to your order. If you have 2 items in your cart and only 1x damage waiver, this will only cover minor damages to the cheaper rental 
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