Renting guide

Please Note: Please select the date you are wearing the garment. Postal orders for the weekend must be placed by Wednesday 3pm. If you book after this time for the upcoming weekend you order will be cancelled and refunded. Pick up orders are available to be booked right up until the weekend.

Please select THE DAY of your event, and this will automatically select two days afterTotalling in 3 days. (example: if your event is on Friday - select Friday's date).

Our rentals are sent out on Tuesday and Wednesdays with the overnight courier, so this allows plenty of your time for your rental to arrive to you. All weekend rentals must be posted back on Monday by 4pm, dropped to a NZ post shop - handed over the counter or depot, not a dropbox.

If your event is on a THURSDAY or any other weekday please book for the day you are wearing this and send me a direct email or message to confirm your event is on a weekday so I can block out the weekends that will be affected. This will be sent at least 2 days prior to ensure that it gets to you in time. 

For weekday rentals - If you can see that this garment is booked for the weekend before or after your midweek event please do not book. You will be refunded as this is too fast of a turnaround.

If you have anymore questions on how to book please send a private message via email or instagram direct message. ( or @dresstoimpressnz on instagram)

Example weekend event: Your event is on a Friday - book Friday. All weekend rentals are to be posted back on Monday's in the pre paid provided bags.

Example mid week event: Your event is on a Tuesday - book Tuesday and send me a message so I can block out the affected weekend/s. This ensures that your rental will not be delayed by previous renters if booked for the weekend beforehand. All week rentals need to be sent back one working day after your event.