Postal Try ons

We are currently holding postal try ons for those not located in Palmerston North. 

To register your interest, flick us a message on instagram with the dress that you are interested in trying on. We will add you to the waitlist and message you once it is available to try on. However it is not guaranteed that you will be able to try the dress on before your event date. Postal try ons are dependent on when the dress is rented, and rentals take priority over try ons. RURAL DELIVERY is not available for postal try ons, unfortunately there are not enough days in the week to get it back for potential rentals.

How it works:

- Message us on instagram (@dresstoimpressnz) with the dress/dresses (maximum of 2) that you are interested in trying on

- You will be added to a waitlist and messaged on instagram when it becomes available for a postal try on. Please keep in mind that it is not guaranteed that the dress will be available to try on before your event date

- Postal try ons will be sent on Friday and must be posted back Monday if possible, otherwise Tuesday EOD at the latest. (These will be sent if the dress hasn't been booked for the weekend by the Friday)

- When we message you confirming that the dress is available for a postal try on, you will be sent a link to purchase

- Postal try ons will cost $20 (per dress, maximum of 2) plus overnight courier costs of $12. ($32 in total). Once posted back you will receive a $10 credit (per dress) (valid for 1 week) to use towards booking the dress if you like it!


- Please leave the name of the dress/dresses in the notes section at checkout when purchasing

- Like rentals, if the dress isn't returned on time, there will be a late fee of $20 per day and you will be charged if the dress comes back with any damage (DON'T wear makeup or jewellery that may mark or damage the dress - you will be charged)